About Us

ARSALAN is a leading importer, exporter & distributor of food products. Our business is founded on two key values: a clear focus on customer service and the provision of quality products. We were founded in 2012 and have grown to become one of the largest suppliers to the MENA market, with a passion for high quality frozen meat, poultry, vegetables, dry foods, cooking oil etc..

The organization has grown steadfastly and conscientiously over the past few years with their increase range of businesses and care for the community. ARSALAN have been founded and built on the concept of identifying rightful opportunities on demand and supply ends and becoming a conduit of delivering the goods at its most optimal value to the customers with the most exceptional and delightful service.

Our long established network of primary suppliers are handpicked to provide a quality consistent products and our processes ensure those products are maintained in perfect condition throughout the chill chain to your door and we continually reinvest in our systems to improve our customer service levels.

ARSALAN with in-depth market knowledge is committed to professional approach, ensuring & exceeding expectations, and protecting interests of our Business Partners.Our focus is about consistent and unwavering professionalism, service and quality. And that’s why many ARSALAN clients have retained their partnership with us.


ARSALAN mission is being one of the world’s leader and most sustainable partners in the field of food trading by continuing to introduce innovative products and quality services to the clients. Yes, our clients are our business partners, but they are also our neighbors. And that means our commitment goes far beyond just getting the job done.

What We Do

The strength of ARSALAN lies in its capability to provide diverse products and services in the food industry ranging from frozen meat, poultry, vegetables to dry foods, cooking oil and more. With a modern warehouse facility in Dubai Investment Park, ARSALAN is serving the MENA region and is shaping the market with resolute challenges with help of highly trained staff and logistic team.

ARSALAN is continuing its growth and transformation with the advancement of expertise as its basis.

Why Arsalan

ARSALAN is shaping an impressive record, based on well-organized strategy and resolute challenges. At ARSALAN, we emphasis on professional integrated commitment which enables us to understand the need of client fit together to ensure quality service and products. We have achieved market consistency across all disciplines through our supply chain of distribution and network in all over the Middle East and Africa.